SHOW don't tell

A good video not only generates more engagement; it connects emotionally with the audience.
Here at PALAVERA we create videos expressing your brands’ personality, showing a real insight into your business.


Good visuals are nice; a good story is even nicer. Lucky you, Marc is an actual storyteller, graduated in screenwriting and with many years of film production behind him.

Professional quality

We create specially tailored film for your business. Length, format, medium - it's your needs, and we give our best.

Post Production

We LOVE editing and we always deliver on time.

We work with licensed music companies.

TV look, film look, we color grade according to your needs.


Look for a little extra sauce? Ask for some drone shots and get amazing visuals which will blow your clients' minds!

Discover our work

Product Film

We always make sure to tell the right story for your product, because that's what matters most. Storytelling is the core of any product video. Yet, we don't stop there: Each step of the production is a rewriting of your products' story. That is why every detail, at every step, is essential. From the script writing to the final edit of your product video, we manage everything.

Music Video

Nothing allows more creativity than music videos, and that's why we like them so much. Give us your ideas, and we'll come out with something unique together.

Business Promotion

Make your audience meet you even before they set foot in your business. Present your team or your establishment. To summarise: make your clients feel comfortable.